Friday, 8 April 2011

What kind of media institution might distribute our media product?

There are three different media institutions that we could use to distribute our product, these are the BBC Film Network, Vimeo or Youtube. However there are target different audiences for these sites and we need to choose one which mostly suits ours.

Our video is a low budget student production, so therefore we must rely on the internet to present our film as it is a cheap way of getting our film shown. We cannot use vast means of advertising like a blockbuster film, as this is for a mainstream audience, although ours isn't so we use other institutions to distribute the product to create a specialised target audience, where our videos will be viewed by people like us. eg young amateur filmakers or other AS/A2 students.

The internet is generally used for small independent productions... distribution, marketing and attracting a target audience. Ways in which we could do this is by creating a facebook page for our thrillers, uploading them on to blogs and encouraging internet users to visit these, pop ups on the CandI website, posters and leaflets around the College, or perhaps even visiting film festivals.

Using video networks is the main way where a producer of a low budget film can target their audience and find the suitable audience for their product.

One institution that can be used is Youtube.
A Private Sixth Form College called Hurtwood House has set up their own media page on YouTube that people can subscribe to. The audience for their product is generally other young students as the videos posted on their page are mainly work from AS and A2 media groups. However there may also be a wider audience as Youtube is a site that is viewed worldwide, and users are allowed to post comments and 'like' the videos

This video presence is one of my favourites that I have seen, it is really great as it has a good setting and the effects used like the transitions, sound effects and the credits look very professional for a small independent production, just like us. So it is nice to see that they get recognition for their videos. This one doesn't have as much views as others, but its still pretty good.

Another one, with a more particular audience is Vimeo

This site has more of a niche audience because there aren't as many people that know about this website. Therefore it is a site mainly used for amateur film-makers and other media students. It's a site in which people upload movies that they have created, so it isn't as wide as youtube, because everyone accesses youtube.

The BBC Film Network

This site is mainly for young filmakers, this is where people upload short films in the hope that other viewers will comment or rate their movies, giving constructive critisicm or praise. Some films on here are sponsored by other companies or the film council but they are also low budget independent films.

I think that this short movie is pretty good with its plot and its use of effects and I like its use of animation. This can be seen by the vast amount of awards that it has won. This filmaker has other videos on the site showing that he is popular with his niche audience.
Our thrillers perhaps aren't as polished or as good but they are still an example of independent productions done with a low budget. In order to get our videos on the internet to be advertised we have put our videos on Blogger, which is seen by other media students/students from CandI, they are also on vimeo. We had a private screening of our thrillers at an Independent Cinema called Screen on the Green, and there will also be a DVD release of 200 copies. Maybe if our clips are recognised and go viral, we could be noticed by small independent distribution companies.

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